Rental Policy


This is where Palace’s Rental Policy will go…

Palace Costume is a costume rental house for the entertainment industry only.

PRODUCTION RENTALS are 12 weeks, then 50% of the rental for an additional 12 weeks. One month of holds at no charge.

VIDEOS, COMMERCIALS, PHOTO SHOOTS and COMMERCIAL PRINT WORK are a 2 week rental then 50% of the rental for an additional 2 weeks.

MEMO:Palace has memo rates on items taken out but not used. During the week items must be returned by close of the next business day for the following rates:

$5.00 per item for rental fees up to $124.00

$10.00 per item for rental fees from $125.00 up to $224.00

$25.00 per item for rental fees from $225.00 and up.

WEEKEND MEMO (Friday-Monday) is a flat 25% of the rental fee.

Jewelry, hats, canes and other accessories DO NOT have memo. They have a flat rental fee whether they are used or not.

*****Fashion Designers and Design Houses are not eligible for memo and may not take photos.


Over pulling can result in a $2.00 per item fee to restock. Customers may not restock their pulls.

LOSS and DAMAGE: Fees can be assessed for up to 10 times the rental - or MORE in some cases. In some cases trades can be arranged with the general policy of 3 items to replace the 1 item lost or damaged.

Palace does not take credit cards. Customers leave a personal check or open an account and provide a Purchase Order. Please email us at:

for more details and forms.